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5 Ways to Improve Self-Discipline as an Entrepreneur in Recovery

As any recovered addict will tell you, being in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is just as hard if not harder than being an active drug user or alcoholic.  The problem with being in recovery is that drug and alcohol addiction has a habit and a tendency to follow recovered addicts through their lives.  What we all understand is that staying away from drugs and alcohol can make life even harder than life was when we were actively abusing drugs and alcohol.

When you then add a business or entrepreneurial venture into the mix, now you have a real mixed bag of intensity.  For one, owning your own business and being an entrepreneur comes with all of its own difficulties and crisis factors that a lot of people don’t really understand until they actually take part in such things for themselves.  Once they dive into such a venture, they really start to see what we have been talking about all along.  It’s hard!

So, you add the stress and the hardships of being an entrepreneur to the difficulties and the troubles of going through life in recovery and you have a situation where it can be quite difficult to stay clean and sober for life.  These two added pressures can make just getting through the day tough, and with a life like this, improving self-discipline becomes a must.

Five Tips for Improving Self-Discipline

How to be a better entrepreneur?  If you are an entrepreneur, I know you have asked this question before and have wondered at the answer.  If you have been an entrepreneur or are an entrepreneur, I’m sure you have wondered how you could go on to be a successful entrepreneur.  Listed below are five ideas I had for how you can go about improving self-discipline so that you actually can reach your goals, and so that you can do it all without relapsing too.

  1. First of all, when you are at work, just be at work! Don’t be doing anything at all except for work related things.  When you are at work, simply dedicate yourself and devote yourself to your work and don’t get distracted or pulled off to other things.  Just be there and be focused on your work.
  1. Don’t consider yourself to be, “stressed out” and don’t listen to others who say you are stressed out. This is huge.  Entrepreneurs who are also recovering addicts will often relapse because they think that taking a few drugs or sipping some alcohol will help them in some way and will take a load off of their stress.  This is not the case.  In fact, the opposite is the truth.  If you are in this position then don’t actually relapse.  Find some other, healthy way to alleviate the stress.
  1. If you feel your discipline starting to fade, then you need to remind yourself of why you are involved in this activity in the first place. What are you in this game for?  Remind yourself and get a boost from that.
  1. Seek help and support from friends, family members, co-workers, and associates. The one man show idea is something of the past.  Entrepreneurs need to hire people and they need to get help.  Bring on a support group and some employees to help you keep your discipline in.
  1. At no point should you let yourself start to consider that going back to using drugs and alcohol could be a “solution.” This is just not going to work.  Don’t ever think this way, no matter how stressed out you get.

At the end of the day, discipline is something that you can take charge of and quickly too.  Master it, and you will be all the better for it.

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