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Assistance Programs: Why Employees Should Feel Safe to Disclose an Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is becoming a steadily increasing and sadly more and more regular aspect and facet of day to day business in this country.  It is pervasive and regular in a lot of different ways now, and this is disturbing and problematic, to say the least.  Drug and alcohol addiction sadly just gets more and more common with no sign of it going away or dropping down.  In fact, it is actually getting more and more common as the years go by, no matter what efforts are taken to take it down a notch.

The grim truth of the matter is that, because substance abuse has become such a common and impinging factor in normal, day to day life in America, it also has become a lot more common in the workplace too.  More and more businesses are suffering from employees who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, which has just created even bigger problems in other areas of life too.  This is bad news, bad news indeed.

It’s not just “workers” we’re talking about here either, rather an entire class of Americans.  Perhaps the most concerning aspect of drug and alcohol addiction t been with the increase in substance abuse amongst general, working-class American residents.  In recent years, the middle class has begun to get intensively targeted for drug dealing and drug pushing, in general, a lot more than they ever were, and the result has been a strong percentage of this nation’s working, middle-class having become addicted to drugs and alcohol. The middle class drives the life force of the nation too, so having a heavy percentage of them addicted to drugs and alcohol is quite concerning for the future of the nation as well as for their own lives on a personal basis.

To carry forth this idea, studies now show that substance abuse amongst the nation’s working class is at a new all-time high.  Now, more than a full forty percent of the nation’s working class and middle class have admitted to abusing drugs and alcohol at least once in the past year alone, and fifteen percent would agree that they are indeed addicted to some substance of some kind or another.  This is quite concerning as this is the demographic that drives the nation in many different ways and to many different goals.  If something isn’t done soon for these individuals then the problem will of course only get much, much worse long before it gets any better.

Employee Drug Use and What to Do About It

The impact of employee drug use in the nation today is quite severe, to say the least, and it has been for some time now only getting worse.  For example, workers who reported current illicit drug use were more likely to have worked for three or more employers in the past year and to have higher rates of unexcused absence and voluntary turnover in the past year than those who did not report drug use, all because of their drug use. The truth be told, not only is it dangerous to have an employee who abuses drugs and alcohol on site almost every day, but it is also simply just more work for them to engage in.

Company drug policy makes a difference in this nation, and now more than ever before this needs to be put into place.  Statistics show that workers whose employer did not have a written drug policy of any kind were actually about a good two times as likely to report that they used illicit drugs in the past month than employers with written policies about drug use were.  Employees need to feel safe about disclosing their addictions to their bosses.  It isn’t the end of the world for them.  It doesn’t mean that the addiction will continue.  It doesn’t mean that they will keep doing what they have been doing.  It doesn’t mean any of that at all.  What it does mean is that they will get help and they will get clean from their addictions.